Find Out How to Join A Tutoring Session


Individual Sessions

Don't learn well in a classroom learning environment? Do group sessions make you nervous? Do you need more one-on-one teaching in the way that you learn and understand? Then our individual sessions are for you! These sessions can be conducted in person at our facility in League City, Texas or via Skype or FaceTime from anywhere in the world! Our individual sessions are tailored specifically to you and your learning style. You will be paired up with an expert nurse tutor in the field that you are studying. The tutor will create a specialized tutoring session just for you in the way that you learn using the curriculum that you will be tested on. You set up a time and date that works for you and create a mentoring relationship with your tutor where they follow your progress and cheer you on all the way! Ready to book? Click HERE and click Schedule A Nursing School Individual Session.

Facebook Live Group Session

Do you love fun and interactive learning and seek to learn in a way that doesn't include boring power points? Then we have the sessions for you! Our Facebook live sessions are scheduled for the entire semester and can be booked at anytime. Once you register for the session, you will be emailed your exclusive access link to access the Facebook live session. The Facebook live session allows you to stream the live video and receive the downloaded video on the page for 14 days to watch as many times as you would like! We also post practice questions, mnemonics, and you can ask any question of our expert nurse tutors who will answer it directly on the page! It's an amazing an interactive way to learn and completely changes the game in learning in nursing school. Ready to book? Click HERE to see all the sessions we are offering!

Facebook On-Demand Sessions

Have a huge test coming up and you are absolutely on the struggle bus with the content? Did your instructors do a self-study module and you have no idea what to study and can't make sense of the content? Then we have just the sessions for you! Facebook On Demand Sessions are created by you for you! Get at least four people from your class who are struggling with the content to create a group. Call our office at 281-724-9191 and set up an on-demand session. You will be paired with a nurse tutor who is an expert in the field that you are studying. You will send your content to your tutor 3 days before the session and your expert nurse tutor will create a session specifically for you and your nursing school friends using the content you have a test on in order to master your nursing school exams! How amazing is this?

Facebook On-Demand Videos

Have you seen our videos and really "get it" when we teach? We are proud to offer NEW Facebook On-Demand Videos just for you! Click HERE to access our video library that can be purchased online. Click the link in your confirmation email and get 14-day access to our amazing and interactive nursing school videos to help you learn all the things! Ready to get smart? Click HERE to book our On-Demand videos now!