We help you survive and thrive in nursing school with dynamic tutoring sessions that don't include boring Powerpoints or confusing textbooks

Nursing School Tutoring and Test Preparation

At I.V. League Tutoring, we believe that every student has the ability to not only understand what they are learning, but to master nursing school. We are more than a tutoring program. We work to develop a comprehensive educational program tailored to your individual learning needs.

Tutoring and Test Prep for Nursing Students

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At I.V. League Tutoring we provide tutoring, test preparation and mentoring for nursing students. Our services are not one-size-fits-all. Courses and sessions are tailored around the individual needs and learning styles of our students. You can take as many courses, or as a few, as you need. Our goal is to provide you the tools and resources to succeed during your time in nursing school and to excel in your career as a nurse.

Our Tutoring Services

  • Individual and group tutoring
  • NCLEX Preparation Course
  • ATI and HESI Preparation Course
  • Portfolio for Interviewing Preparation
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Interview Preparation Courses
  • Care Plan Writing Assistance
  • Research Paper Writing Assistance
  • Test-Taking Seminars
  • And Much, Much More
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Can I Afford It?

Nursing school is incredibly difficult and we understand there are significant financial strains. At I.V. League Tutoring, we are committed to your academic success and will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

One way that we offer help is by allowing for larger groups and Tutoring Packages at a discounted rate. We work with our talented staff tutors to continually offer session options which will allow you to benefit from the tutoring services while working with your schedule and budget.

You Can't Afford NOT To!

The average cost of state tuition per semester in Texas is between $3500-4500/semester. Failing a class means repeating that class and having your graduation date pushed back at least 1, if not 2 semesters. Take a semester cost of tuition plus cost of living, lost wages, and repeating fees, the cost of failing a course is incredibly expensive. At I.V. League Tutoring we are committed to helping you pass each course by providing instruction and classes that will help you pass the courses on the first attempt.

After graduating from nursing school, you are eligible to sit for the NCLEX Boards. Our NCLEX Prep Course is designed to help you prepare to sit for the NCLEX and pass on the first attempt. If you have already obtained employment at a hospital and do not pass your NCLEX exam, you will have to forfeit the job and reapply during the new hiring period. That can be anywhere between 3-6 months later. What's more is you must wait at least 30 days to get your authorization to Test, which will allow you to attempt to pass the NCLEX a second time. You are no longer eligible for hire at any hospital facility as a graduate nurse, as you lose the “graduate nurse” title upon an unsuccessful pass attempt at NCLEX. In essence, the cost of not passing the NCLEX is monumental.

You lose the nursing job you were hired for, must wait at least 30 days to retest, and must wait 3-4 months to reapply for a job. An average RN working in the hospital in the state of Texas earns a salary of about $5500/month. Not passing the NCLEX will cost you $16500-$22000 in lost wages while attempting to pass the certification exam.
Participating in the Tutoring Courses and NCLEX Prep Course Provided by I.V. League Tutoring is an investment into your future. For more information, call us at 281-724-9191.