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IVLT Lifetime Membership

Struggling through nursing school and want to learn in a dynamic way without boring powerpoints or confusing textbooks?

That's what we do here...you learn ALL THE THINGS with us while we make you laugh, teach you in a fun way you understand, and walk the journey through nursing school with you as your guide and mentor to help you ace your exams and pass the NCLEX!

How does the membership work?

Purchasing access to our tutoring membership allows you to:
  1. Have access to our ENTIRE Video Library to access On-Demand ($1200+ value) plus more videos being uploaded/semester! PS...shhhhh but pediatrics and critical care are both on their way to our video library!
  2. Get 10% off every Facebook Live or in-person session you book with us ($7.50-$15/session value)
  3. Get access to any new recorded videos we post On-Demand ($1 kabillion value lol)
  4. Get access to 1 free live session/semester of your choice ($75/semester)
  5. You are our VIP FOREVAAAAA! You will be assigned a membership number once you purchase the membership and you will forever hold a dear place in our hearts and will be treated like royalty (as princess-y or prince-y as we can!) Have a topic you don't see a video for? Mention your membership number and we will do our best to create a video on the topics YOU want as timely as we can hammer them out!
Total value = priceless but literally this is AT LEAST $3000 worth of tutoring services for $499 PLUS lifetime access plus continual new videos. You cannot beat this deal!

How in the world do I get this offer:

  1. Click here. Log into your account. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP.
  2. Once logged in, scroll down to the VERY bottom of the page and click Customer Area. Then click Membership.
  3. Click BOOK and come hang out with I.V. League FOREVA AND EVA!