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Facebook Live "Learn All The Things" Seminars FAQ

What are these events about?
These are affordable events that will take place via private Facebook group that you will be invited to once you register on our booking site. Our amazingly educated, fun, and interactive tutors walk you through the subjects with ease, help you remember the content, and make learning exciting and desirable! No boring powerpoints here.

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Who can go to these events?
Anyone in nursing school or preparing to go to nursing school will benefit from these amazing live reviews!

What do I get for my $25 registration?
You will be entered into our Facebook Live private event page where we will livestream on the date/time specified. In the live event, you are free to ask questions, interact with us, and learn all the things in a fun and interesting learning environment. After the live stream is complete, the video will remain on the event page for 7 days for you to view as many times as you would like! So you don't have to be able to make it for the can rewatch at any time! We will also have practice questions, worksheets, and giveaways for participants to make the most of their learning experience!

Do you offer any other sessions?
Yes! We will have a full fall schedule with courses in Adult Med/Surg, Pharmacology, Pediatrics, Critical Care, Evidence-Based Practice (Research), Psych, and more so stay tuned for more sessions you can join in on!

I'm ready to book. Where do I go?
Click this link and choose Facebook Live "Learn All The Things" Seminars and click BOOK!